Interview with Keith

Axes Leftover’s recent did an interview with Keith about the band history, influences, and where the band is heading with The Great Bear.

An except:

The story behind “The Great Bear” is an interesting story in it’s self. Who came up with the idea and after listening to the finished product, did you achieve what you set out to do?
I believe I came up with the initial Russian space program angle, but then it took off very quickly with the others. We collectively decided to take the fictional turn of events in our story, and then started fleshing out the details. Lots of inspiration here, both historical and from movies and books we like. We had to keep refining and refining the story, researching actual events and dates to make sure the story would be believable. We had a timeline written out on a marker board, which then had song names assigned to different sections for example. But yes, I think we did succeed. We intentionally kept this record on the shorter side to keep the spirt of pieces like Rush’s “2112”, and keep it moving. And honestly, albums used to be this length normally in the 70’s. But it was a challenge trying to get our story told in that duration.
Read the whole thing here


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