The Great Bear

The Great Bear
Silencer – The Great Bear
  1. The Sacred War
  2. I Am Thunder!
  3. 1969
  4. The Great Bear
  5. Insignia
  6. Star City pt I
  7. Star City pt II
  8. Orders/Noble Sacrifice
  9. The Roar
  10. Light
  11. The First, The Last

Release Details

Label : Vanity Music
Date : Sep 25, 2012
Country : Worldwide
Format : CD, LP, MP3

Released 2012


  • Keith Spargo: Guitars/Vocals
  • Dan Lynn: Guitars
  • Patrick Russell: Bass
  • Alex Simpson: Drums

Produced by Dan Lynn and Silencer

Recorded at Firestorm studios, The Launchpad and Erebus Music.

All songs written and arranged by Silencer

Artwork and layout by Nick Jackson

Photography by Patrick Coppinger


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