We had a such a great 15th Anniversary show…we can’t even begin to describe. Top to bottom a killer lineup, and you all came out in droves, the place was packed. We were especially stoked to have our old crooner Chad Armstrong in the surprise guest slot join us for the never-played-before “Shiftkill” opus, as well as “Betrayal and Massacre”.  If you’re a Facebook type head over to our page (linked at the top of this site) for some cool photos from the night, but we’ll get a proper gallery built up on this site soon.

We recorded the show and look forward to diving through the tracks and see what was played halfway decent. We’re completely guilty of putting the headbang and stage energy first, which doesn’t always work so well for accurate tracking purposes, haha. But we might cobble something together, stay tuned.

As of this last show we have sold out of many sizes of just about every shirt design, so we’ll be updating the website to reflect sizes currently available. Get yours fast, there aren’t any plans to reprint anything for the foreseeable future…and like we said stock is very low! The good news is we do have stock of all our releases, so if you’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of The Great Bear or fill in a missing back release in your collection, hit us up.

So once again, thank you. It’s almost impossible to list everyone we are thankful to. We’ve had an incredible team helping us out through the years. But the cliche is 666% right; bands don’t get anywhere without an audience, so primarily this is a huge thanks to YOU for checking in to our little corner of the metal world for 15 years. It’s incredibly flattering to have people to share our art with and to contribute to their hearing loss. In the Denver area at least we’ll still be out and about checking out all the killer bands, so let’s have a beer at the next metal show shall we? And who knows what the future might bring.  For now? It’s time for the dreaded….SOLO ALBUMS, GAHHHHH!!!!!


Horns up,

Keith, Dan, Pätrick and Brian





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